Regaining my body confidence or a journey to self-acceptance

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Body confidence should not mean being fit but making the best use of what you have and my experience shows why I was wrong.

I moved my body a lot as a child. I was always running, climbing trees, playing hide and seek, jumping around. As I was growing up, I never cared about how my body looked like. I knew it was strong and it was able to do anything I asked it to do. I didn’t hold myself back from anything and nothing seemed dangerous enough to hold me back.

Adolescence brings doubt that my body is right

I was in the 7th grade when things changed. It’s when I realized the body is an entity that can be evaluated by others. I noticed that when one of my colleagues started to wear a bra and the boys started to mock her about it. The question instantly came into my mind: how can I hide for as long as possible to prevent such reactions?

So I became one of the boys. I would wear loose clothes, I would mimic their gestures, I would let them copy my homework, and other similar services. I would do everything necessary to stay out of their sight. If you’re with them, they can’t be against you, right? As my body was changing into my teenage years, I was great at hiding everything about it.

The body as a separate object

I grew up thinking I have to hide my body. At first, it was because boys were mean about the changing body of a girl. Then, it was because the body of a girl started to be interesting for boys and they would touch it shamelessly. Eventually, no matter how a girl looked like, the body was judged. I didn’t want any of that. I did everything necessary so my body is not watched, seen, remarked, and evaluated. It was as if my body didn’t exist.

When I started to date guys and get naked in front of them it felt very weird because I was so disconnected from my body. For me, it was like an object men would look at and get excited. I couldn’t feel the same thrill about its wonders because in my head I was still protecting it. But I was lucky to meet very nice men that knew how to show appreciation and compliment my body and, in time, I began to relax about it.

A good relationship leaves far behind your body fears

Even if I started to cherish my body in intimacy with a man, I was still not confident about it while in public. I was very conscious of its flaws. The legs were too big, I had a belly, my boobs were not equal, and many other women were looking so much better while walking down the street. Was I ever going to be one of them?

It was the love I am receiving from my current boyfriend I am dating for 5 years now that made a difference in my life. That is how I understood I am being cherished no matter how I feel about my body. It gave me the impulse to reevaluate my relationship with my body. It made me think about how much I was appreciating it when I was a child and I could do anything while moving it around.

Body confidence can mean respect from others

I started practicing so I could feel the same about it once more. To enjoy it and take care of it even if it doesn’t look perfect. Regaining body confidence is not an easy journey but it is necessary as no woman should live questioning if she is worthy of love, appreciation, and respect based on her looks. is a diet and well-being platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now: 

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Practicing self-acceptance. How to stop judging yourself

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Self-acceptance is the first step towards a healthy life and psychological balance and to stop judging yourself helps a lot.

We often hear that society dictates how we should be and how we should act. I disagree! Society is nothing more than the opinion of the majority but it cannot, in any way, define who we really are. When we feel anxious or sad it is because we value the opinion of the majority too much and try to level up to it even if we don’t feel the same way.

Comparing with others is not always beneficial

The problem is that while we grow up, we are told to listen to others instead of listening to ourselves, to our own desires and needs. When we are children, we listen to our parents and our teachers, when we grow up, we listen to our bosses and the authorities, and we feel inadequate when we know we have completely different thoughts. We are raised to think that other people are always right and that we are constantly mistaking.

One of my biggest struggles in my 20’s was to unlearn most of the things I’ve been told in my previous years and learn and listen to what I want and how I feel. When you are constantly repeating the same things over the years, it can sometimes be hard to just leave those teachings behind. Moreover, what you feel and think might be the complete opposite of the values society promotes, and therefore it can be harder to be yourself.

Unrealistic life models bring inner conflict

From the way we look to the way we think, we, women, were always told what is best for us as if we were never able to figure it out on our own. Most of the heartache that we are feeling while we grow up, and even as adults, comes from the separation between the status quo and our own truth. It is very important to understand that we must not go with the flow when it comes to how we want to live.

Self-acceptance should be an ongoing practice, something to be taught from a very early age. As children, we should be guided into understanding that society is a concept that’s needed for everybody to live as much as possible in harmony. But it is equally important to stick to our own values and truth. We, the people, are so different and that is what makes us special and unique. No society should be allowed to make us feel we are not good enough.

Accepting ourselves is rewarding on the long run

If there is something wrong, then society is the one that should be updating its beliefs to 2021. Sticking to your own truth is not easy, but it’s rewarding. We must educate ourselves to listen to our hearts, to listen to the needs of people around us, to understand the struggles we are all going through, to stop judging ourselves and others so much. Living is an ongoing journey to learn from as long as we are breathing. It’s not a lesson to learn until a certain age and then play it by heart, over and over again, like robots, until the day we die. is a diet and well-being platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now: 

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It took me 10 years to understand the real value of healthy eating

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The real value of healthy eating is not about a popular style but a choice that is pleasant and has benefits on life and I will tell you more.

Raise your hand if you ever had a love-hate relationship with your food! For many women, including myself, food has always been an aspect giving us all headaches. Why and when did food become such a big deal in women’s lives? Why does food mean so much? And what is it that we can do to see food as what it is, fuel for our bodies, a necessity for survival?

The trap of seeing food as a pleasure

As a kid, I was raised by my grandmother. She cooked every day and she spoiled me with the best desserts in the world. I remember that whenever she wanted to show her feelings for me, she made me chocolate pudding, and this is when I knew she was saying `I love you!` Food was love and I was indulging in everything I was tasting, carefree of any limitations.

When my grandmother died, I was already a teenager. On my own almost all day long because my parents were at work, I was eating whatever I felt like. Food was a pleasure because my grandma taught me so, therefore I didn’t care what I was eating as long as it made me feel good. But soon my mother started to criticize my food choices.

Not being fat does not mean you eat healthy

She was worried I was eating too much, or too often, and she was preoccupied with me not getting fat. She thought that being fat is bad for women because men do not like chubby chicks. Not being fat was very important for mom as she was chubby in her teenage years due to autoimmune disease. Also, she didn’t want me to also experience how it felt having some extra kilos.

Like many parents in her generation, she didn’t know how to properly communicate the advantages of eating healthy to me and she didn’t really guide me into what it would be good for me to eat. She would just disapprove of my choices thus making me feel like I was always choosing bad foods. As expected, food became a stressful topic for me.

The more I was running away from food, the more I was actually thinking about it, daydreaming of everything I would eat if I had access to it. Of course, this was also due to the fact that I hoped to have the perfect body so someone would love me too.

The difficult transition to eating healthy

I was 26 years old when my perspective on food started to change. It was when I seriously started to workout constantly and thus understand the value of healthy food for a life full of energy and focus. I didn’t change my habits immediately, though. Even if I rationally knew what choices I should make, my emotions were still choosing for me quite often. Instead, I should have maintained my emotional well-being so that I would make rational choices. It’s hard to change habits overnight!

At times, I would completely let go of newly learned tips and tricks about healthy food and say to myself the effort is not worth it. I would go back to the foods that gave me pleasure, but soon enough I would feel tired and dull again and I would come back to healthy eating because I knew it would fix my mood swings and overall state of being.

Delicious food can also be healthy

I played this game for as long as 10 years being in an ongoing conversation and negotiation with myself about why I should choose healthy foods most time and turn the foods I grew up with into exceptions. It was a matter of practice and consciousness to turn healthy foods into constant choices without feeling like I’m in a battle.

Today, I can say I cook healthy meals without effort! By now, I know what I like and I know how to mix ingredients into delicious and nutritious dishes. I still enjoy chocolate pudding now and then, but the most important thing is that I don’t feel guilty about what I eat anymore. I know that what matters most are the choices that you make most days, not the exceptions that you indulge in now and then! is a diet and well-being platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now: 

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I struggled to have the perfect body so someone would love me, too

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I will tell you from my experience why struggle for the perfect body to make people love you more is a mistake.

Just like many other women my age  -36 years old- I grew up thinking I have to be beautiful to be loved. Little did I know that aiming for the perfect body to aesthetically please men is not even a real thing, but it took me years until I understood it. All this time I spent worrying I am not thin enough, obsessively working out to get a flat belly and slim thighs, and always eating with a sense of guilt as if I shouldn’t eat at all.

Appearance does not increase self-esteem and others’ love

Even if I knew my behavior was absurd, I couldn’t stop doing all that, thinking my self-esteem and my love life depended on my appearance. I thought I had to look my best to deserve to be loved by a man!

When my mother was 18 years old, she had her thyroid removed. It was when she finally lost weight and up to this day maintaining her figure is one of her goals. Because she didn’t want me to experience how it feels to be fat when you are a teenage girl, she would constantly remind me not to overeat because boys don’t like fat girls.

Hoping for the perfect body makes you critical in relationships

It was out of concern and love that she would tell me that, I know this today, but back then all I understood from her message was that I have to be slim to be seen and loved in a relationship.

It is one of the reasons I never engaged in one in my 20’s. When a man showed interest in me, I would find reasons why the person is not good enough to be in a relationship with me. Behind it all, was my fear of being seen. My belly, my imperfect thighs, my cellulite remained a mystery. I would reject any man thinking he is not good enough not realizing I was, in fact, rejecting myself, running away from love.

Doing more harm than good to your body when striving for perfection

I thought I am not worth being in a relationship because I didn’t have the perfect body. I would only engage in occasional one-night stands, short-term flings, or escapades with men with difficult personalities only to conclude in the end that all men are difficult, so the effort of being in a relationship is not worth it.

In my mid 20’s I enrolled in an extreme fitness program and for one year I trained five days a week, ate poorly, and quit alcohol and sweets. I lost 15 kilos and I was ready to let men in my life because I was finally slim, so worthy of love. To my shock, no one seemed interested in me anymore. I looked my best and yet I didn’t seem to attract anybody.

Personality matters more than the body

Asking a friend why she thinks something like this happens, she replied: It’s not your looks, it’s your joyous and colorful personality that is now gone! She couldn’t be more right! On that year of struggling to lose weight and look my best through extreme behavior, I also lost MY vibe, that part of my personality that makes me who I am, unique.

Five years ago I met a man I liked and he liked me too. I decided to try giving up my biases about how I should look like to be loved. It was the best decision I ever made because letting myself finally be seen and appreciated made me understood my body had nothing to do with my worthiness. Of course, this is due to of the benefit that I learned to self-love.

Now I also see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for what it really brings into my life: health, energy, clarity, and a good mood. The looks don’t come first anymore and I surely do not think that I deserve to be loved only if I have the perfect body. I achieved it once and it wasn’t at all the answer to my problems! is a diet and well-being platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now: 

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I learned from the magazines how to be a woman, now it’s time to unlearn it

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Learning how to be a woman from magazines is unrealistic and my experience shows why we should seek true and reasonable life models.

In my pursuit of learning what womanhood is all about, magazines played a very important part in my life, especially in my teenage years and in my 20’s. From how to dress and put make-up on to what I should do to get my hands on the man of my dreams and how to keep him interested in me for as long as possible, women’s magazines represented entire universes of do’s and don’ts.

Magazines and the promise of a happy life

What I understood reading these magazines was the fact that as a woman I must take care of everything around me: myself and the others, work and home, keep myself beautiful and slim, be positive and uplifting, always a bundle of joy ready to kick ass on all aspects of life and also be a rock for everyone else.

But, no matter how hard I was trying to be great in all these aspects while striving to be myself too, I wasn’t very successful at being good at everything. Was it my problem of not being able to keep up with everything while magazines were filled with stories of success from women who seemed to juggle it all?

Depressing results in keeping up with the model life

My self-esteem started to get lower and lower because I felt I couldn’t keep up with what was expected of me. I didn’t feel in the mood to look neat every day, sometimes all I wanted was to wear my trainers and a T-shirt and not wear make-up while out in the streets. I didn’t always feel in the mood to eat the healthiest of foods for perfect abs and a round bootie, sometimes all I wanted was to indulge in a huge burger and fries.

I didn’t always feel in the mood to listen to everyone around me complain about their problems and lift their mood up, sometimes all I wanted was to feel sorry for myself while having a glass of wine and watching soap operas on TV. I was caught in between what I thought was expected from me and how I really felt and wanted to be. So, I should have stopped comparing yourself with others and understand myself.

It was late in my 20’s when I finally realized that most women’s magazines are just fantasies pressuring women to look and act in a certain way and that most women around me don’t connect at all with that sort of narrative. I started to ask myself why, instead of talking about real problems women have, these magazines create the image of women who hardly exist in real life.

More questions than answers

Starting to doubt most of what I read in these magazines for so many years, I finally had my eyes open to take notice of my own needs and feelings. What do I think being a woman means? What makes me happy as a woman? When do I feel most comfortable as one?

Giving myself room to answer such questions and many others, I discovered the freedom to be who I really am. Instead of looking outside for the proper way of being a woman, as I read about it in the magazines, I started to look inside myself and reflect on what makes me happy, radiant, powerful, lucid, and balanced. Of course, learning what self-love is all about had many benefits.

Accepting yourself is the key to inner peace

There are so many ideas of how a woman should be and act and they differ from one culture to another. However, if we ever wanted to be ourselves, we must step outside of the box we’re put in, begin to know ourselves with all the assets and flaws, and decide on our own terms who we want to be, what is it that we want to do, and how a life that makes us happy looks like. It’s high time to own ourselves! is a diet and well-being platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now: 

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Meet the community members: Oana G.

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A new mom with a healthy lifestyle before giving birth learns the ABC of eating good foods and exercising with the help of

Oana G. is a 31 years old mother who enjoys traveling and cooking. Before giving birth one year and a half ago, she had a very active lifestyle with plenty of weekly exercising but also an active job as a restaurant manager. Oana enjoys being a mom and says it is an extraordinary experience but this new role turned her usual schedule upside down.

Even if she worked out until her 8th month of pregnancy, after giving birth she started to spoil herself with food after putting her baby to sleep so the kilos added up in an instant. When she couldn’t control it anymore, she knew she needed help so she enrolled in the program. She knew about it from the gym and she was sure Cori is the best choice to help her out. This is Oana’s story after managing to drop 14 kilos with

Need for a change

I knew I needed the program when I didn’t feel myself anymore. I was getting tired so fast and I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. I was never skinny, I always fought the kilos with different diets but this time all I wanted was to feel better and lighter. I just wanted to go back to the appearance I had before the pregnancy. was of enormous help to me. The community is genuinely united, both coaches and other members. I loved the support I was getting in real-time. I learned so many things about healthy eating. For example, never skip meals, eat my veggies, eat carbs and still lose weight. Moreover, making mistakes is human so when you make them just go back to your usual diet the next day and everything will be ok.

Better mood after the first week

I learned so many things about healthy eating with the help of It’s what kept me going while aiming to lose 14 kilos because I saw its efficiency and I felt better after the first week only, when I lost 2 kilos. It was 4 months of work for me to reach the weight I had before the pregnancy and I still have to lose some but I feel so much better on all levels. Besides learning to eat better foods, the 300 minutes of exercising per week are non-negotiable to me. is such a great way to lose weight and learn useful tips and tricks about nutrition because you do that while eating healthy and socializing with people who are on the same journey as you are. is a diet and wellbeing platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now: 

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Meet the community members: Lidia D.

24 Mar 2021 no comments Criss SFTB

After losing weight with the help of the platform, Lidia says she is now an adult mind in the body of a teenager.

The pandemic was a wake-up call for Romanian Lidia D., aged 31, based in Germany! She realized she needs to change her lifestyle because the one she had made her feel dull, tired, and unhappy. She was familiar with Cori’s work for many years because she was following her on social media, so when the right time for personal change occurred, she turned her attention to Despite being skeptical in the beginning, because she never imagined she could lose weight while eating so much food, Lidia was surprised to witness her kilos flying away while eating healthy and working out moderately and constantly.

We got together with Lidia for a chat and found out what made her use, what she liked best about the platform and which are the most important takeaways after spending time in the community.

The wake-up call

In August 2020 I wasn’t feeling good anymore, neither mentally, nor physically. I didn’t like how I looked, my clothes didn’t fit anymore, I felt tired after climbing a couple of stairs, and my eating habits were chaotic. Moreover, I had just started intermittent fasting only to realize it does nothing good for me. On the contrary, I felt more stressed and my metabolism became even slower.

I was feeling I was putting on weight even if I was eating as little as a salad. I reached 70 kilos and I was losing hope I could ever healthily lose weight without trying super hard or I would gain back the weight. The gyms were also closed, so it was the moment when online seemed the best option for me to start living healthier.

My dream was to go back to 63-65 kilos in 6-8 months, but I was truly skeptical I would lose the extra weight because I was supposed to eat 5 times a day and I felt I had too much food to consume. I was going to have a big surprise!

The first results

I am lucky because I work in a supermarket and I have days when I walk around up to 12km. This is very important because the coaches always suggest us to walk rapidly every day, for as long as we can. This helped me harmoniously lose weight. I was shocked to see I lost 3 kgs after the first week by only following the recommended advice and eating and drinking healthier. My hope and trust were back as well as my energy and mood for loving life again. I wasn’t tired anymore. I continued to lose 1kg a week with healthy eating, 30 minutes of workout every 2-3 days, and plenty of water, up to as much as 3.5l a day. In exactly 8 weeks I managed to lose 10.6 kgs. The journey was and still is quite provocative.

Losing weight was not the end of the journey

After I lost the weight I wanted, I continued the maintenance program with This happened in October 2020. It is when I got scared again. I had all these questions. What if I put on weight again? What if I am not able to do it on my own? Can I eat something sweet if I want to? But I discovered it was useless stress. With the help of coaches, I overcame all the fears. I discovered that by eating more, sometimes even sweets because of stress or other factors, but still working out every 2-3 days, eating right, and drinking plenty of water, I still lost 3.6kgs, thus reaching 55kgs. This is a weight I stopped having after turning 20 and I never expected I could get back to it again.

Best parts about

  • Community.

It is where I read what other women do and I learn new things almost every day. It is a team united by the same goal, to have a healthy lifestyle.

  • Exercises.

Every two days I work out for 30 minutes when I come back from work.

  • Food replacement computer.

It is simply magical!

A better life coaches and community taught me a lot of useful things such as:

  • To eat healthier and cook simpler, yet tastier
  • To be more curious and experiment with hew tastes
  • I reduced the amount of salt, oil, and butter
  • I sleep better and more profoundly
  • I eat a lot of vegetables now
  • I eat fruits again. I used to think fruits make you fat
  • I workout without feeling it is a pain in the ass

The best takeaways

After using, Lidia gained valuable takeaways. She shared them with us:

  • It is not hard to organize and discipline yourself. Everybody has their own rhythm in doing it
  • We are human beings, not robots
  • I know how to eat and what to eat
  • I always look out for the healthiest version of food when I am not home
  • Working out is relaxing and joyful
  • I appreciate myself more when I make healthy choices is a diet and wellbeing platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now: 

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Meet the community members: Mihaela G.

24 Mar 2021 no comments Criss SFTB

After the pandemic left her jobless, a woman turned her new found time into an opportunity to reinvent herself with the help of the platform.

2020 wasn’t easy for anyone! Mihaela G. is one of the people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic, but this allowed her to reinvent herself. It’s when the platform came and taught her that life can taste better when you eat healthy and workout. It gave her a purpose and it helped her reconnect with herself. Let’s meet Mihaela and see how she managed to turn a negative event in her life into a chance to improve herself.

The change

I am a mother, a wife, and a woman without a job because of the pandemic. It was hard for me to get used to the situation, but it gave a new purpose to my life and pushed me to change many things on a personal level. I used to have a busy, tiring, and unfriendly lifestyle. It’s when came into my life as I was looking for a solution to sort out all the chaos in my life.

I was very unhappy with the reflection of myself in the mirror. The Internet brought Cori and to me and after I read everything she wrote, I became convinced she is the one who can help me take this road of self-improvement. I liked her articles because they were simple, clean, confident, and real. I just wanted to feel good, safe, beautiful, and healthy!

An amazing team

Even if I got used to the platform as soon as I started using it, I didn’t ‘feel’ it right-a-way. But, when it happened, I immediately felt the benefits, and it became part of my life. The coaches and the community are extraordinary! They are there for you all the time, motivate you, give you the tough love when you need it, and they lift you up so you can carry on when you feel you can’t do it anymore. The platform is so easy to use and you can make a lot of changes when it comes to food and workouts. It’s easy and fun!

Great client service

The coaches are super sweet and present all the time. They never get upset no matter what you ask and when you ask it. They are not there to just do their job as some people might think, they are really by your side and you can feel their good energy. They are like your best friends making your everyday life better and sometimes I felt I knew them better than many people I know in person.

The first month, first results

After only one month, I felt better and the bad moods I had due to an autoimmune disease, disappeared. When I ditched milk products for good in the second month, I felt even better, and the results improved. Now I feel great and my health problems are 90% solved. This motivated me to keep going and keep improving with the help of the platform.

Finding a community, being confident and happy

Being part of the platform made me more organized and I also learned to say ‘no’ and put myself first when it comes to my time working out, for example. Now I prioritize myself more often. My mood and my health are so much better, and I feel I reached my objectives. I am determined to stay in the community for as long as I will be able to because it’s addictive due to the good mood and the happiness it brings.

I managed to get from 85 kilos to 69 kilos without stress, but with ups and downs. I didn’t reach my goal yet, but I am on my way and I am confident I will get there! It’s just that I am not hurrying up for it anymore., I thank you from the bottom of my heart! is a diet and wellbeing platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now: 

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Meet the community members: Gabriela P.

24 Mar 2021 no comments Criss SFTB

After starving herself to lose weight, a 33 years old woman realized what a healthy lifestyle is all about with the help of the platform.

Gabriela P. always struggled with weight! Describing herself as a chubby teenager, she says she always had a love-hate relationship with food. In 2009, she reached her maximum weight of 80 kilos. It was the moment she realized she needed to change something so the first `improvement` that came to her mind was starving herself.

I now know this is something wrong to do, she admits. After almost 2 years of workouts and healthy, but not enough eating, she reached 55 kilos. But the fear of gaining the weight back was a constant one: I was always afraid to eat.

Three years ago, after changing her formal dynamic workplace for an office one and fighting the stress that comes with a new beginning, Gabriela started to eat chaotic once again, didn’t exercise anymore, and didn’t pay attention to her food. She reached 67 kilos but this time starving herself. The easy solution she knew once paid off, didn’t work anymore. It was the moment she asked for help and turned to the platform and its coaches. This is her story!

The platform made her feel comfortable from the very beginning

I was following Cori Grămescu on social media for a long time and when I had the chance to get coached by her, I immediately took it. I felt comfortable with her and the diet menu from the very beginning because I could choose what foods I wanted to eat and what workouts I wanted to do. I realized that if I organize myself and pay attention to her advice, I can mix my professional life with an active and healthy lifestyle.

From my very first encounter with Cori, I knew that she gets me and that I am in good hands with her. Even if I didn’t know her personally, I fully trusted her. In my first month, she encouraged me but also gave me the tough love when needed so I would focus more on achieving what I wanted.

After that first month, she said I am ready to join the community and continue with the standard diet. Even if I didn’t have the confidence in myself that I will succeed on my own, Cori told me to take this path and thus save some money that I could use on a massage. I was super impressed she told me that. Then I met the other coaches, Marina and Maria, and all the women in the community, and I felt great.

The first results came … immediately

I followed the diet as it was, I started to work out, my mood changed for the better, I was more joyful, and then the kilos started to drop, too. That was when I realized that this is ought to be my long-term lifestyle if I wanted to be healthy and like myself. Everything about exceeded my expectations.

I learned how I can eat without feeling guilty about food and I learned how to work out and have results. It’s been almost 8 months now since I am back at 55 kilos and I can maintain the results and take care of myself. I feel extraordinary and I want to celebrate my success every day!

I recommend to anyone because it is easy to use and the team behind it is great. They are professionals with a big heart and they will do everything to help you and guide you in your weight loss journey! is a diet and wellbeing platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now: 

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Meet the community members: Cătălina R.

24 Mar 2021 no comments Criss SFTB

Looking for balance in her lifestyle, this woman turned to the platform for the guidance and found a community of friends.

Always struggling to find balance, Cătălina R. describes herself as a person with a chaotic style, always interested in new experiences. Before embarking on the program, she says she knew what a healthy lifestyle is all about, but wouldn’t train or eat healthy regularly. It all changed when a friend told her about Let’s see how it went for her!

A project to learn from was exactly what I needed. It was a project for me to learn what a balanced and correct diet is so I can benefit from it in my life. My objective was to keep a nice and healthy body and to be an inspiration for those less motivated. I wanted to learn to eat right, fuel my body and mind and also enjoy food again.

It was a great experience to be part of a community where everyone has the same objectives and to feel that you are not alone in your journey. It is wonderful to get the understanding, compassion, and encouragement from the coaches as well as from the other women who overcame different difficulties.

You feel better from the very first day in the community. You finally feel you are doing something for yourself and your self-esteem is improving!

Attention to every detail

Marina and Cori, our coaches, are very careful with our diet and training. They always give you advice when you ask for it. Cori even adjusted my diet after I did a couple of medical tests that she also suggested to me. Every day I felt better and I saw improvement in my skin texture, my face, and my overall appearance.

I never imagined I would feel so connected neither to the other women in the community nor to the coaches. It is very nice to feel you belong somewhere, to feel important, and to feel that your emotions, thoughts, and opinions matter.

It is very easy to learn new healthy habits and to implement them

I learned that we can easily educate our lifestyle, I learned to accept help, to accept my body as it is, and to be patient with it, I learned to have the courage to aspire for the best version of myself. I learned that every food has its place in the way we eat and that it is important to know how to combine ingredients because they are our fuel. I will keep everything that I learned in my mind because I enjoy who I am now.

Even if I am only halfway towards my goal, all this time I changed my desires and the way I perceive my body. It’s been 6 months since I am in the program. I started wanting to lose 20 kilos in 5 months, and I dropped 10 kilos so far. I am not in a hurry anymore! I feel proud, with higher self-esteem, beautiful and strong. I am more organized, more respectful and tolerant towards myself and my image. is about overcoming limiting beliefs

I believe is a good start for everything that we want to achieve. When you face your fears and limiting beliefs, you can do anything. is not only about losing weight. It means a change in all aspects. If you can do 21 days without chocolate, you can also study for an exam. If you can work out every day, you can also smile every day and work for a dream that you have.

If you can change your body in 5 months and enjoy what you see in the mirror, you can be sure that the man you want, will want you back. Not because you weigh less but because if you don’t love yourself, you’ll never believe someone else will. helps any amazing woman become a goddess. That is what I am today, a goddess! is a diet and wellbeing platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now: 

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