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02 Jul 2020 no comments Cori Gramescu

A good diet has to offer variety, cover various energy needs and include physical training for good results and #loseten diet was such a mix that worked for me.

Learn to eat in terms of nutritional values ​​from food so that you can keep your body healthier.

Many people ask me what I ate during the first week of the #loseten diet. Before I write about my food choices, I need to talk about context for a bit. I started the diet from 67.5 kilograms, the last 3 of which I gained quite fast, during the previous month. 15 years ago, I went through a weight loss process and until this year I maintained my weight fairly easily at 60-63 kg., even when I was not exercising or making special efforts to have a dietetic menu.

My current mix of diet and physical training

This week, my physical activity included 4 hours of motocross and I also managed to squeeze in 2 hours of exercise at LadyFIT. Tomorrow, I will go for another 4-hour ride in the woods. At LadyFIT, I only went to accessible sessions, such as the morning sessions or intermediate 1. Unfortunately, I have some back pains which limit my training, not to mention that, after 5 months of inconsistent exercise, I’m out of shame and lost some of my endurance.

Apart from the diet change and resuming physical training, I increased my water intake to 3 liters per day, and twice a week I go for a massage at Daniel, from Vagabond Studio, on 65, Unirii Blvd, phone 0726.077.0602. I highly recommend it!

  • Monday
    • Coffee with milk
    • A bottle of mana (full liquid meal, 400 kcal, with fiber, vegetable protein, coconut fat and low-GI glucides)
    • 200 g grilled turkey breast with 200 g beetroot
    • Light turkey salad: 50 g lettuce, 1 small pepper, 8 cherry tomatoes, 5 olives, 150 g homemade turkey roulade, lemon juice, 1 teaspoonful of olive oil, 2 spoons mustard
  • Tuesday
    • Coffee with milk
    • A bottle of mana (full liquid meal, 400 kcal, with fiber, vegetable protein, coconut fat and low-GI glucides)
    • 150 g chicken breast with tomato, cucumber, pepper and olive salad One banana
    • 200 g grilled turkey breast with a bowl of mixed salad (lettuce, tomatoes, roast pepper, olives), 50 g babybel
  • Wednesday
    • Coffee with milk
    • A bottle of mana (full liquid meal, 400 kcal, with fiber, vegetable protein, coconut fat and low-GI glucides)
    • 150 g grilled turkey breast with 200 g carrot sauté and grilled courgette
    • 1/2 oven-cooked pork filet and 2 raw carrots
  • Thursday
    • Coffee with milk
    • Protein shake with 20 g of protein
    • 1 oven-cooked turkey drumstick and white cabbage salad
    • 150 g roast veal filet with wine and lemon sauce, 1 potato and 200 g spinach sauté
  • Friday
    • Smoothie with oven-cooked courgette (200 g baked courgette, 2 spoons courgette seeds, 30 g pressed oats, 100 ml coconut milk, 400 ml non-sweetened almond milk, turmeric, ginger powder and a protein cup with 20 g protein and 7 g carbs), 3 spoons of hummus with a spoon of quinoa and 1 tortilla
    • 150 g oven-cooked salmon with 100 g peas puree and 50 g mushrooms
    • 150 g Zuppa Inglese (150 kcal)
  • Saturday
    • Coffee with milk
    • 70 g grapes
    • 200 grilled veal filet with 200 g spinach
    • 1 oven-cooked bream with lettuce
  • Sunday
    • 1 bottle of protein shake with 20 g protein
    • A bottle of mana (full liquid meal, 400 kcal, with fiber, vegetable protein, coconut fat and low-GI glucides)
    • 1 banana
    • 200 g oven-cooked veal with broccoli and carrots
    • 1 protein par with 20 g sugar, 20 g protein and 5 g fats
    • 200 g grilled octopus with 1 grilled courgette

This day is spent in the mountains with the bike – so, in some measure, the food will include bars, smoothies and protein shakes

For consistent weight loss, you should have a lifestyle that takes into account medium and long-term diets. The body permanently needs a healthy diet in order to take advantage of constant weight loss.

#loseten is a menu I’ve been following in order to reach my goal of losing 10 kg by this winter.

Apart from the abovementioned ingredients, I also take a daily dose of a food supplement with probiotics, biotin, vitamin C and 5HTP.

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Healthy vegetable cutlets with herbs

13 Jan 2018 no comments Criss SFTB

A good, easy to prepare meal with vegetables for a healthy diet or as a novel, indian-inspired meal and flavourful choice. For more inspiration, look on some other healthy recipes.


60 gCanned chickpeas
60 gCanned cannellini beans
50 gCanned green peas
100 gCarrots
30 gGreen chilies
3 tbspSesame oil
15 tbspBread crumble
15 tbspRice flour
2 tbspGreen coriander chopped leaves
¾ tbspGinger paste
to tasteGaram masala, Cumin, Salt, Pepper


  • Steam together the diced carrots and potatoes until they are soft cooked, but not mushy.
  • Drain the excess water from the vegetables and the canned beans. Mash them well with one beaten egg.
  • Add coriander leaves, green chilies, ginger paste, garam masala, ground cumin, salt and pepper to taste.
  • Mix everything together with the breadcrumbs and rice flour.

Further preparation

  • Add the breadcrumbs and mix everything well.
  • Form the cutlets so that they are all of similar size and thickness. You can use a manual forming tool to make sure the cutlets keep their shape. Place the them on a plate covered with breadcrumbs, to avoid them sticking to the plate.
  • Beat the second egg.
  • Dip each patty, place it over a plate covered in breadcrumbs, then make sure the patty is covered in breadcrumbs on all sides. Leave it aside for 5-10 minutes.
  • Preheat the oven on grill at 250 degrees.
  • Cook the patties on baking paper covered with sesame oil. When they are golden, flip them over to the other side and cook them until they are golden as well. It is a better option to cook them in the oven on the grill function, instead of frying them in a pan.

Serve with green chutney or green mint and coriander raita and a green salad for a tasty, Indian inspired flavorful lunch.

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