Meet the community members: Andreea O.

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After moving to a new country, quitting her healthy habits, and gaining 20 kilos, a 32 years old woman rediscovers her path to a healthy lifestyle. 

It is easy to forget about your healthy lifestyle when your life situation changes! This is also the case of Andreea O. who moved to a new country four years ago and found out that maintaining her healthy lifestyle can be tough because food doesn’t taste as good as it used to at home and a gym for her workouts isn’t as available anymore.

From eating fresh foods from her parents’ farm, working out 5 days a week, and benefiting from massages in beauty salons, Andreea went to deep-fried foods and no movement. Later, she gained 20 kilos and realized it is high time she did something about this.

We talked to Andreea about her 5 months weight loss journey and how the platform and community helped her get back in shape and to a healthy lifestyle.

Fighting kilos since forever

I was a chubby child and teenager and the idea of dieting is not new to me. I have tried lots of diets along the way, from the so-called miraculous ones to low carb ones. In Romania, I lived in a busy city with endless possibilities when it comes to sports and lifestyle and then I moved abroad to quite a secluded but stunning area.

I went from 5 days a week in the gym and a high frequency to the beauty salon where I was getting electrostimulation, anticellulite massages, and other procedures to just going to work and making a hole in my couch. More than that, I gave up my healthier eating habits.

A different food culture affected habits

Firstly, because I couldn’t find vegetables, dairy products and meat that taste as good as the ones I was getting from my parents’ small farm and, secondly, because it was easier to just engorge on the local food of a country that has as a national dish fish and chips soaked in beef dripping, there was a dramatic eating habbit change.

A country that dips fry almost everything, even chocolate bars, and puts huge amounts of butter and sugar in almost every meal took its toll. Also, because I still had a waistline, I was considered the tiny one in the group of tall, solid friends, that encouraged me to eat more. This is my 4 years’ recipe to gaining almost 20 kilos.

Trust in platform from the very beginning 

I knew about Cori for a very long time. I noticed her in 2010 at a TV show where she was one of the coaches helping overweight people to lose weight. I just liked her personality and her down to earth approach to dieting and sport. Since then I followed her on social media, so I was familiar with all her posts on Facebook about

Probably the thing I liked most about Cori is that she didn’t create a myth of perfection for herself. She never posed in the kind of person that didn’t eat anything else but organic superfoods, and drank water from the fountain of youth, and breathed workouts as if there is nothing more joyful on the face of the Earth. She was always very genuine. She is relatable and … human. 

Lack of self-confidence and plans for a baby brought the need for a change

What determined me to make a change in my lifestyle is the fact that I didn’t feel beautiful and confident anymore. However, the most important reason was that me and my partner started to talk about having a baby in the next few years.

I knew I have to be healthy, have a good relationship with my body image and food to have a healthy baby and, later on, to be able to raise a child with a healthy body and a relaxed but healthy approach to meals. So, I pushed excuses aside and purchased the basic menu from My initial goal was to reach 65 kilos because I thought it impossible to go lower, but now I have 61 kilos. 

The journey to weight loss started spontaneously 

I remember I started the diet in the middle of the week, emotionally unprepared for what I was about to embark myself in. I knew I was overweight, but I didn’t know how bad it was as I refused to go on the scale for the past year and I was very rarely taking full-body pictures.

Realizing how much I weighted was a complete shock for me and the picture I sent to Cori was a wake-up call. I didn’t recognize myself! I was looking at that photo feeling disgusted because this is how we are taught in our society, we dislike fat, we fear fat, we think fat people are lazy. And there I was, a fat person.

Even now, seeing that picture of myself makes me feel uncomfortable but, at least, now I can look at it, and rather than body shame myself, I am trying to include it in a positive narrative. That picture is proof of my progress, it is my motivation for the future, to become a better version of myself each day, physically and emotionally. 

The sense of community and trust brought results in diets

Cori made a plan for me and Marina approached me with a few tips about the menu and, most importantly, she made me feel part of a group of friends where we weren’t competing with each other but supporting each other on our weight loss journey, sharing recipes, experiences and daily struggles or victories. 

I immediately started to follow the menu, the training routine, and drinking lots of water as I completely trusted Cori and her team. It wasn’t easy! I remember the first time I walked for half an hour: I thought I am going to die. The first Cardio Dance with Loredana was so difficult as I felt ridiculous to dance carrying all that extra kilos with me.

I continued and when I saw the results after 7 days of dieting, it made me see sports as an ally rather than an enemy. I also understood that diet food can taste good. I got used again to the natural textures and flavors of unprocessed food., a community that never lets you down

When I think about the community, I use the term “we” as you never feel alone on your quest, you benefit from the constant support of your diet coaches and the encouragements of the other girls who embarked on the same journey. The two coaches, Marina and Maria, answer all the questions, guide you, and lift you up on bad days.

Fast results with the right food and workouts

My body reacted very well to the diet and the training sessions and I started to see results from the first week. It’s important to be patient and kind to yourself. I could see an improvement in my appearance and my energy level kept rising from one week to the other. The stronger I got, the easier it became to do the training sessions.

Sticking to one coffee a day and exercising helped me sleep better. I remember I was getting happier, more energetic, and more confident in my body each week. The most important benefit was that this diet and the exercising routine solved my digestive problems. I suffered from constipation for a long time.

A new perspective on diets

I loved the program from the start but I never expected that being on a diet means eating so much. My previous experiences with dieting meant reducing the meals, especially the intake of fruits and potatoes, bread, and pasta. I had a certain fear of carbs, I didn’t think that you could still enjoy a steak with roast potatoes and salad and still lose weight.

I never thought I will not feel hungry or crave sweets while dieting before I became a member. Always feeling full but still light after the meals, as the diet is made from easy to digest foods, made me trust this is not only a weight loss experience but it is going to become my healthy lifestyle from now on. Another thing that I never thought I will be able to do is exercising alone, but I did this too!

The most important lessons after using

  • Don’t feel guilt or shame after eating
  • Don’t use exercising as a punishment for overeating
  • Don’t look at food as a prize/reward after exercising
  • Don’t turn the time spent with the loved ones into a food marathon
  • Treat yourself with kindness and love your body the way it is
  • Be patient because change doesn’t happen overnight 
  • Don’t compare yourself with anyone on Instagram
  • Try to be a better version of yourself
  • Constant training at the right intensity is more important than pushing yourself hard
  • Pay attention to your body

Why is a program for you to follow

I recommended the platform to my best friend and she is currently in the program. 

I am also recommending to every woman who wants to learn how to take care of herself, how to love and respect her body, how to make working out part of her life without feeling it like a burden. is a diet and wellbeing platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now: 

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Why losing 15 kilos didn’t bring me the happiness I was dreaming of

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Weight loss may not bring a happy life, what your body can do matters more than looks, and my experience may help you understand the challenge.

A woman’s appearance is very important because it can bring her a good job, a good man, many opportunities, and, overall, a good and happy life. It is an idea I grew up with as a girl because it was an idea you could hear about everywhere: from your mother, from her friends, from men, from television. I thought I must look good and, above all else, be slim. Slim was supposed to be the key to success for every living and breathing woman on the face of the Earth!

I was 27 years old when I decided to follow a diet and a drastic workout that was supposed to turn me into this fit and, ultimately, happier person. I had a good job, a home, friends and a supportive family, but I was single and ready for a long-term commitment. I thought I would have more chances to find a man to like me if I were to lose weight because the first impression matters the most and until a man would understand how cool I am, I thought he must be drawn by my small and fit allure.

Of course, it is important to stop comparing yourself with others but it is easier to follow a predictable and well-presented path and I made that mistake, hoping to find the same promised happiness.

I joined a hardcore fitness program and for a whole year I would train 5 days a week and eat precisely what my instructor suggested to me. I didn’t drink any alcohol and I didn’t eat any sweets for an entire year. I was determined to become slim and to do everything for my objective. I wasn’t aware how my new lifestyle would impact me because I was sure my success depended only on my motivation and determination to keep up with the program and not give in to temptations.

I was feeling guilty if I missed a workout, I would skip dates with my friends if they went to places without my kind of food, and I would preach to everyone willing to listen about my new lifestyle and its benefits. I became strict, judgemental towards anyone who didn’t have a healthy lifestyle and disconnected from my emotions and the way my body was feeling.

When I finally reached my objective of being 15 kilos lighter, the happiness I expected to pop wasn’t there. On the contrary! I was slim and unhappy in my body. With all the hard work that I was doing, at the end of it all, I rediscovered myself overexercised and full of restrictions. I was focusing on a number on the scale, not on my own happiness and how I felt in my body. But not all was lost!

Right after that year I gained the weight back in only 3 months because I was so tired that I didn’t want to set my foot in the gym anymore. I also started to eat normally, including alcohol and sweets and I discovered that I can transform my body and my mind in ways that go beyond the physical appearance.

This period in my life brought a very important lesson to me: it shifted my focus from how my body looks to what my body can do. Today I am proud of the strength I built, of the good habits that I developed towards eating, and truth be told I never felt better in my body even if it weighs more than I expected.

Happiness doesn’t lie in the number on a scale! Happiness lies in the relationship you build with your mind and body, it comes from reflection and acceptance, and from making day-to-day choices that keep you healthy, lively, and balanced. is a diet and well-being platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now: 

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Why flexibility of mind matters in a weight loss process?

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Weight loss should not be a goal in itself but the process should be adapted so that we make better choices and understand ourselves.

Many of us think that losing weight is an ”all or nothing” kind of approach. When we decide we want to lose weight, we want it to happen fast and we change all of our eating and working out habits, hoping that all these sudden changes will get us to our objective.

Is this extreme change of behavior viable on the long term? Will we be able to maintain the new imposed habits after we lose the desired weight as well? Or, once we reach our objective, we will get back to our usual habits, forgetting that everything we worked for will be lost without a constant practice of what we just learned?

Losing weight shouldn’t be a fast forward process as this approach won’t get us anywhere. What matters more than losing weight is understanding why we must change our eating and working out habits as well as other lifestyle choices in order to be as healthy and as fit as we can, forever. Chosing to lose weight in a healthy way, without hurrying up and pushing ourselves unneccesary, is the key to a long term transformation and to keeping our mental health during this evolutionary process in our lives.

We can keep our mind flexibility when we understand that losing weight is a process. Not hurrying up or limiting our transformation to a certain period of time and then getting frustrated if we don’t reach our goal means we remain relaxed and happy in this journey. We don’t add unneccessary pressure during a transformational process that can be challenging enough at the beginning, while learning new skills and implementing them. We have to cultivate patience.

How do we keep our flexibility of mind in a weight loss process depends on being organized, disciplined and conscious about it. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep ourselves sane and happy during a weight loss process:

Forget the ”foods are good or bad” mentality

It is all about balance. Eating more healthy foods and ocassionally foods that you enjoy, but are not really recommended long term if you want to keep your well-being, is the receipe you need to follow. It’s not the foods who are good or bad, it’s the choices that you make when you eat them.

Focus on attainable

There’s no point wanting to look like that Instagram influencer who’s a fitness instructor that works out all day long because it’s her job. Aiming at this will only make you go crazy. Just be the best version of yourself and aim at improving your choices every day. You need to compare to yourself and yourself only and avoid comparisons that are not viable.

Change goals

As I was saying in the beginning of this article, losing weight is not always the main goal even if it may seem so. Instead, focus on eating better foods, sleeping more, working out moderately and efficiently and losing weight will follow. is a diet and wellbeing platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now:

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4 benefits of journaling when you want to lose weight

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To be successful in weight loss you need to know what happens and when, what works and not, how you cope with various issues and keeping a journal can be very helpful.

Losing weight is a process and in this process, we learn a lot of new things. It is a journey of self-discovery, above all. More than eating healthier and moving more, to lose weight means to reevaluate a lot of aspects of our lives. To better understand who we are, what we want, how to get there, and what holds us back from reaching our objectives, journaling can be a very effective tool.

Simply writing down our most intimate thoughts and desires, we can better understand ourselves, our relationships with others, our relationship with food, and other aspects of our lives. Clearing out our emotional patterns is a big step in being able to easily face new habits and ways of doing things in our lives. When we understand ourselves, we consciously improve our lives and we are willing to be better versions of ourselves in everything that we do.

Here are 4 of the benefits of journaling while you are in a weight loss process:

Increases consciousness around eating patterns

Many of the people wanting to lose weight have a bad relationship with food. Food is their answer to emotional issues, so they use food as comfort. Why this happens is a question every person finds their own answer to. But to get to the point, we need to ask ourselves certain questions. Once we do this kind of work, we can understand why food occupies such an important role in our lives, and then we can take away its power by acknowledging what it means to us.

Alleviate stress

Stress is the response our minds and bodies give when certain stimuli occur. When we are stressed, we tend to choose unhealthy foods and overeat. Moreover, our bodies can produce increased levels of cortisol. All these can lead to gaining weight, among other things. Writing down our thoughts when we feel stressed can eliminate the pressure, thus easing our minds and bodies. Being patient can help a lot.

Process your thoughts

Writing down how you feel can help you better understand your thoughts and responses to different events and actions. In our everyday lives, our response to what happens to us is automatic and we rarely think about why we said what we said or why we did what we did in a certain way. Journaling can help us be conscious of our thoughts and understand them. It may also help in cultivating perseverance.

Express feelings and emotions

Most of the time we refrain ourselves from speaking our minds when we wished we did it. Be it in our family, at work, or in various aspects of life, not expressing our opinions, thus feelings and emotions, can be an unseen burden that we carry around. And it can be toxic, too. Journaling can help us release that tension and unwind our nervous system.

Do you use journaling to keep yourself aware of your thoughts and emotions? If you don’t, then give it a try and see what happens. is a diet and wellbeing platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now: 

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How to set boundaries when other people don’t support your weight loss journey

05 Feb 2021 no comments Criss SFTB

Weight loss changes your body but also the relationship with others so avoid anxiety, fear and rudeness while you keep your course.

When you are on a weight loss journey, a lot of new things happen because you get out of your comfort zone. This means that while you have to adjust on different areas of your life, like how you eat and how you workout, you also have to adjust your relationships with your closed ones, especially if they don’t understand your weight loss journey, don’t support it or don’t know how to support it.

Adjusting familiar relationships can be sometimes tough especially if you are not the kind of upfront person. Such a thing can bring some anxiety in a context where you already have to learn and incorporate new skills valuable for your weight loss journey. But if you take it step by step, you will be able to speak your mind and even explain to those close to you why you need their understanding and support.

Start small

Communicating skills take practice in order to perfect. When someone who knows about your weight loss journey invites you to have just a tiny bite of chocolate cake because it is freshly baked, simply say ‘Thank you! But I don’t want to eat anything sweet right now.’ It is a good start if you don’t feel prepared to be more direct or assertive and remind that person that you work on losing weight and such treats are out of questions and you’d very much appreciate if in the upcoming future they will give it a thought before bringing sweets into discussion when they very well know where you’re at.

Freedom from guilt

When you are on a weight loss journey, you might feel the pressure from those around you when it comes to new habits that you have. They might question why you go to the gym so often, why you want to lose weight or why you don’t want to taste from that juicy apple tart aunt made. In order to be able to follow you own way, you must be free from guilt of not doing what others expect you to do because you’ve done it up to now. Your life is your life and you really don’t have to explain yourself to anyone so just stick to your objectives and carry on. You’re not mean to live your way and it’s not your problem if others feel disappointed or get upset because your choices don’t satisfy them!

Order from different places

Losing weight shouldn’t keep you away from the things that you love doing with your friends or loved ones. If there is a takeaway food and movie night and everybody is keened on pizza and beers, just let them know you will order your food from somewhere else according to your weight loss objective. It shouldn’t be a big deal because what is important is that you are all together, not the food that you eat.

Seek support

If you find it hard to stand your ground when you meet people and you have to tell them why you can’t eat or drink certain foods and beverages, then seek for the help of a professional that can guide you into being more courageous and assertive.

A psychologist, for example, can better understand why it is difficult for you to speak loudly about your needs and desires and can help you overcome this communication difficulties that will make it easier for you in the future no matter the subjects you will approach with other people! is a diet and wellbeing platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now:

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Digital well-being: who do we follow on social media when we want to lose weight?

05 Feb 2021 no comments Criss SFTB

Social media helps us get by with good and bad advice so we must find a good way to choose someone to look up to when we want to loose weight.

A study on social media usage in 2020 showed that over 3.6 billion people used it worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion by 2025. Given this high number of both consumers and influencers, how do we know who to follow on social media especially if we plan to lose weight and want to let ourselves inspired by people with similar objectives?

Before jumping onto answers, let me tell you about what Instagram did in 2019. It has introduced policies to ensure that users under 18 on its platform will not be able to see any diet and cosmetic procedure posts. So, if Instagram pays attention to what teenagers consume when it comes to social media, because they know how much the stuff they see influences them, then you should too pay attention to what people you give your attention to.

Follow normal people

When you choose to follow people for inspiration, make sure they are normal people, just like you, with lives similar to yours, encountering the same ups and downs, and overcoming the same struggles and dilemmas when it comes to weight loss. Avoid people like superstars from the entertainment industry who look impeccable 24/7 and never miss a day of workout because you will only get frustrated. Such people live a special life, a fairytale, and have an army of people taking care of them all the time because it is also in their job description to look their best all the time, in the spotlight and out of it.

Find someone with good mood and encouragement despite shortcomings of weight loss

Look at people who understand that human beings are not perfect. When it comes to weight loss, we all have ups and downs and the journey to losing weight is never linear, it is filled with many happy moments as well as many frustrations. You need to keep your eye on those who keep it real and understand the psychology of weight loss and talk about the shiny parts as well as the darker ones. You need someone who is optimistic and encouraging, but also tells the truth behind weight loss.

Follow people who do not see weight loss as quick and easy

Some influencers transform their weight loss process into a reality show talking only about how glamorous it is to shred kilograms fast and how easy is to do it. Even if this might be their genuine story about their weight loss journey, keep in mind that most similar experiences aren’t like that. In fact, every weight loss journey is different so don’t compare yourself to someone on social media you don’t know. Remember that what you really want when you lose weight is to keep it off forever and learn valuable things on the way about eating healthy and working out moderately and constantly. A long way wins the game! is a diet and wellbeing platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now:

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How do we cultivate patience when we want to lose weight?

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Weight loss and quick results may not be healthy as patience and steady progress does not stress the body and I will show you why.

Losing weight is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Contrary to popular belief that weight loss should be a fast process done quickly every time we need or want to shred some kilos, the yo-yo dieting can do more harm for your health in the long-term, even if it can have quick results.

Steady progress is better for your body

Permanent weight loss is the ultimate goal when you start eating good foods and move more every day because what you really want is a health oriented lifestyle and this includes energy, focus, fitness, positivity and so many other good changes that eventually become habits.

In order to achieve all of the above once we start a long-term weight loss journey, we need to have patience. Patience is the key word for any permanent transformation in our life and in order to achieve patience we must know what we’re looking for and practice certain skills so to develop endurance, resilience and easiness.

As I once read, without patience, you might find yourself making decisions that lead to short-term results and long-term disappointment.

What is it that we can do to cultivate patience in order to lose weight without a time limit, frustration and yo-yo dieting? Here are some ideas that might help you in your journey to just keep it together and do it in your own rhythm:

Lower weight lifestyle

What if, instead of constantly wanting to lose weight and transform it into an obsession, we think about our choices in terms of lower weight lifestyle. This means that however we choose to spend our days, what we do can help us improve our well-being. From the foods that we eat, to the way to spend our free time and even to the people we hang out with and what are the thoughts that we feed ourselves with, our aim is to do our best to feel good vibes only: feel energetic, positive, enthusiastic and confident.

The type of movement we enjoy

Workouts shouldn’t be a pain in the ass. Instead of worrying about working out in a gym even if we don’t like it that much, we should choose to do whatever we please: run in the park, have long walks, swimming, playing fetch with a dog and so on. Moving around should make us feel happy, energetic and eager to perform that certain activity without feeling it as a duty or something we must tick off our to do list.

Think beyond the scale

We are used to thinking that the scale is the ultimate reference when it comes to our weight, but it really isn’t. Many things influence our weight besides how much we eat or don’t eat – water retention, hormones, when we weight in and so on – so we shouldn’t focus on what the scale shows us. Just try to make the best choices that you can make when it comes to eating and moving around and the positive changes will follow.

Losing weight is a personal journey, so make sure that you transform it into a long life and conscious experience that will fulfill your life and that will bring out the best in you. Celebrate, build on your victories and make your dreams come true! is a diet and wellbeing platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now:

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How can visualization help us when we want to lose weight

04 Feb 2021 no comments Criss SFTB

Weight loss seems a boring activity with results and constraints always in your mind but imagination is key in motivation to keep up the effort and I will tell you why.

What is visualization and how you practice it

Visualization (or creative visualization) is a technique that uses imagination to create and visualize scenarios in the mind’s eye. By using visualization techniques, you create a mental picture of something and then focus on this image or scenario for periods of time.

Even if it might sound abstract, visualization has revolutionized self-help books, TED talks, podcasts, business experts. More often, you might have heard athletes and artists talking about visualization before competitions or going on stage as a mean to focus on their success in their endeavor.

Visualization is, however, a practice you can use too in different aspects of your life and in a weight loss process, as well. Doing that can contribute to achieving your goal by helping you imagine the end of the road you’re aiming for. 5 – 10 minutes of visualization a day can improve your life and doing it repeatedly, it can program your subconscious mind by motivating you to do what is right and helpful for your objective.

Let me give you some examples of aspects that you can improve your weight loss journey with the help of visualization:

Clear goal and mindset

Visualization can help you create a successful way of thinking to reach your weight loss objectives and to stick to them no matter the ups and downs on the way. Imagine, in your mind, what is the goal you’re aiming for and how fulfilling it will make you feel. Then, put yourself in the position of seeing the end result in your mind’s eye every day until you’re there. Such practice will ease your weight loss journey, because it keeps you optimistic and positive, even in the hardest of times.

Eating healthier foods for your goal

A weight loss journey brings a lot of new habits and eating new foods might be one of them. Incorporating these new foods in your diet might be difficult at first because you are not used to them, to their taste or the ways to cook them. Visualization can help you accept and use them as often as possible if you imagine the benefits such foods will have for your mind and body. They help you feel good, energetic and looking fit and healthy. Remember: visualization is about thinking about what you want to achieve, not what you want to avoid!

Power through workouts

Workouts can be a new addition for you when you want to lose weight, so if you are a beginner, they can be somewhat difficult at first. Visualization can, however, help you get through them by imagining how good, strong, healthy and fit your body will feel after every workout session. Even if it can be hard to work out when you first start it, it gets easier in time and improvement comes without doubt. Persevere with the help of visualization and results will come! is a diet and well-being platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now:

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How do I stay motivated about my weight loss when people around discourage me?

04 Feb 2021 no comments Criss SFTB

Weight loss motivation comes from yourself but during or on a stressful change others around may upset you and finding positive people is important to success.

So you started your weight loss journey and your are self confident and excited and determined to give your best every day in order to accomplish your objective. But then naysayers show up, objecting, criticizing and questioning everything that you do. Before you know it, you feel unsupported, sad and unmotivated and that relationships with dear people around you turned around and became weird and unbalanced. What do you do?

When we decide to do something good for ourselves, sometimes other people will feel attacked by our decision. How come? They will see in you the determination and discipline and decision for self improvement that they never managed to have and this will make them upset and angry. Instead of admiring, looking up to you and seeing you as an example for their self improvement, they will try to bring you down as if there is something wrong with you for wanting to be better.

It is not your fault that people you expected more from try to bring you down! It is in your power to take the decisions that need to be taken in order to make your life easier and to allow you to follow your weight loss process without any pressure or barriers of any kind. When you start a weight loss process and you feel killjoys start showing up around you, just remember the following ideas:

You do it for yourself

As much pressure as other people might put on you because of your weight loss process, remember that it is your decision, your life. You need to have the right mindset but understand the others as well.

We are used to people messing into our own business and we spend a lot of time and energy trying to convince people of why we do what we do when, in fact, we shouldn’t explain ourselves at all. Losing weight is a personal decision and that’s that!

Silence your inner critic

Sometimes we feel people criticizing our weight loss journey are right because you criticize yourself too. However, it is a wrong thing to do because you always deserve the best and losing weight takes time, patience, trust in the process, adapting, adjusting and many other things are, in fact, life lessons. They will be useful in other contexts too once you’re done with your weight loss.

Just silence your inner critic and believe in yourself and the road you’re on. I promise it will lead you where you want to!

Surround yourself with supporters

Some people we thought of as friends will start acting mean once you start your weight loss process and will question all the decisions that you make regarding improved eating habits and new workouts you’re trying. As hard as it can be to let go of an old friend or distance yourself from them for a while, toxicity is not good in your life, so back away from such people.

Find people with the same interests as you for a change and surround yourself with joyful and positive folks that believe in living healthy! is a diet and wellbeing platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now:

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How to cultivate perseverance in a weight loss process

04 Feb 2021 no comments Criss SFTB

The stress of weight loss may overwhelm you but having the right mindset and understanding help a lot to keep motivation.

A weight loss process takes time, patience and perseverance. Perseverance means to do what you have to do without quitting when it gets hard or when you don’t see the expected results. Perseverance means to trust the process and keep going even if there will be downsides along the way. But how to cultivate perseverance in a weight loss process? Here are some tips and tricks about how to stick to your weight loss plan without feeling discouraged in the process.

Have a growth mindset

Mind is the most important part in any process that we follow because it can equally be our friend or our enemy. A growth mindset suggests that you are oriented towards growing and learning so this means you don’t have to have it all figured out from the very beginning. Many people tend to quit in the process of weight loss thinking they don’t master the process to perfection. But a weight loss process is all about learning and growing, so get excited about all the things that will come your way and that will improve your life.

Develop trust in yourself and your body

Sticking to a weight loss process can be hard when you don’t see results as fast as you wished. But remember that losing weight takes time and your body won’t let you down if you follow in the right steps of the process. Accept your body as it is and from this point further the relationship with your body will improve and you will enjoy treating it better more and more every day and, thus, seeing the positive changes it goes through and the weight it loses.

Keep your goals in mind

Ups and down are inevitable and when we make mistakes, we feel tempted to give up. But every time there’s a bump in the road we should remember that our goal is bigger than any bad day that we might have. Perseverance means to follow our long-term goals and to try and do our best every day to achieve them. The overall attitude and actions that we take are more important than one bad decision.
Don’t go for an all or nothing attitude

When you start a weight loss process, moderation is the key. Losing weight takes time and patience, so enjoy every step on the way and don’t get extreme on yourself wishing to do everything perfect when it comes to eating and working out. Make the best out of every day and don’t punish yourself for the inevitable flaws on the way. Love yourself enough to see the weight loss process as a gift for a better health and life. is a diet and wellbeing platform where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way. Purchase your subscription now:

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