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A weight loss meal plan that includes all major food groups, ideal for those who prefer a varied selection of meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, cereals and nuts. Based on whole foods that bring in all the healthy and tasty ingredients necessary to create an easy to follow everyday menu.

Vegan diet

A plant-based, balanced and delicious meal plan packed with all the essential nutrients for a vegan meal plan. Carefully selected protein sources optimize the macronutrient intake and an abundance of tasty and healthy ingredients make our vegan meal plan a go-to option for all our vegan friends looking for a healthy, balanced menu.

Diet without meat

A flexitarian meal plan that includes fish, dairy products, eggs, vegetables, fruits, cereals and nuts. Ideal for those who want to cut back on meat consumption, our meal plan offers a diverse selection of tasty whole foods for a weight loss meal plan that is flexible and easy to follow

Dairy-free diet

Dairy-free diet is a nutritionally balanced weight loss diet that excludes all dairy products. Whether you have health concerns regarding dairy products or you simply don't like them, the meal plan will offer you great food choices, tasty alternatives and balanced meals to sustain a healthy weight loss process.

Breastfeeding diet

A meal plan designed for our beautiful moms that are looking not only after their precious babies, but also themselves. Designed to nutritionally sustain milk production while creating the caloric deficit necessary for a mild weight loss, our meal plan is easy to follow and super tasty. It includes all major food groups to help create a balanced nutrition plan for both mother and baby.

Maintenance diet

A meal plan designed for those who are happy with their weight and want to maintain it in a healthy, tasty and balanced way. It contains all food groups and is calculated so that you eat an abundant selection of foods, in the right quantities for your weight and physical activity level.

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Basic Subscription
  • monthly personalized diet
  • feedback for the daily menu from a coach
  • video workouts and lifestyle coaching
  • food replacement calculator
  • weekly shopping list
  • weekly nutrition webinar
Premium Subscription
  • dedicated lifestyle coach for monthly personalized diet, feedback for the daily menu and adjustment of the diet and sports program
  • video training and personalized lifestyle coaching
  • food replacement calculator
  • weekly shopping list
  • weekly nutrition webinar
  • recipes and premium items
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